Take a look around and see
All the people, you will never be like
Do not worry, rather waste your time
Racing shopping carts right down the hall

Because the day you die
You’ll be able to say
I’m out, I’ve done it all

Get up and turn off the tv
Go out and see the those many places
You’ve always wanted to see

Because the day you die
Nobody is ever gonna give you back
All those hours that you’ve wasted watching
Stupid worthless crap

And if you just walked on over to me I
Would definitely maybe make you cry

Sell me the keys to your BMW
And I promise I’ll take good care of it for you
I‘ll fix her up with some jets
So she can take us to the moon

Hey Lyla
Tell me something I don‘t know
I won’t ask from you to stay where you are
But please don’t go

Hey Lyla
Why won’t you come over to my house?
Why does it have to be so easy for you
To hurt the man that lives inside my mouth